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Raha Lane

Fine gauze and the misty images of our sensitive memories form the substance of Raha Lane's expression. Quality is a thing of feeling, and Raha's use of subtle imagery, blended tonality, and balanced integration of shape combine to create that feeling. This is what her art is about-pulling at the emotional strings of memory that is no more coherent than the lost edge of a dream.

Creative expression holds a natural place in Raha Lane's life. She was born in 1973 in Shiraz, the historic Capitol of Persia, famed as the valley of the Roses and Nightingales. Her father GH Yunessi is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work is highly prized on three continents. From his influence, Raha remembers best the lessons of building layers of paint to create imagery.

Her development as an artist evolved through her studies in High School and College. With her formal education completed, Raha began the process of establishing herself as an artist. She participated in many international exhibitions around the world and received great acclaim. After this success she took up residence in Europe to expand her studies of European style.

Her creative success brought her to California where she now lives and continues to produce, teach, and exhibit Fine Arts. Raha's exotic Near Eastern background and her European lifestyle combine to create a backdrop that is evident in her unique work. When she's not painting, she can be found playing with her children, writing gourmet recipes, swimming, diving, and perhaps unique amongst her fellow artists she also loves motorcycling.

The result of Raha's dedication to her art can be seen in corporate and private collections around this country and in many prestigious venues throughout Europe and the Near East.

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